White Sugar – White Flour Fetish

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Just so that I am perfectly not misunderstood on my healthier choices statement.
I publicly admit to having a White Sugar and White Flour Fetish
We do try to make healthier choices in our home.  You know, add more fruits and veggies, more raw stuff, and not as much junk food as we once enjoyed. We try to make homemade more often, use more natural ingredients instead of a bunch of chemicals that look like and often taste like the real thing.  I’m not even gonna say that all that junk tastes terrible. I will admit that some of it, heck a lot of it does taste pretty darn good.
My choices aren’t to improve on taste because a lot the GMO, chemical compounded, non food foods actually taste good.  So my choices are to improve quality while maintaining good taste.

That being said I will once again state that I have a White Sugar and White Flour Fetish.
So you will see recipes here using those taboo items.
I have read and researched and really don’t have a concrete reason why I shouldn’t use those ingredients in my homemade items, unless of course I am trying to make gluten-free dishes, duh, that stands to reason, right.
Homemade with white sugar and white flour is better for you than store-bought, packaged, chemical laden good tasting non foods any day.

Items I don’t consume:
Red meats, Pork, Fish, Soft Drinks, and I try desperately to stay away from High Fructose Corn Syrup, and MSG.  The list isn’t limited to these items of course, this is the short list of the main items.
What I do consume that you may argue that is just as bad as any of the above is coffee and lots of it.  Hey give me a break, I don’t put sugar or other sweeteners in my coffee.

I am not a vegetarian, or a vegan, or a raw foodist.  I do like vegetarian meals, I do like vegan dishes, and I love raw fruits and vegetables. I do not think everything has to be organic.  I just like to make some informed decisions, get better quality groceries and household items when I can, and often that means making them.

I do not condemn anyone that does consume any items on my no-no list.  I know I enjoy plenty of items that are on someone’s do not have lists.
We all have the right to choose and I am not into making sure you all eat or drink the same as I do.  I do not judge or think I’m better than anyone else.
What I am in to is learning from others and sharing what I have learned as well.

So now, give me a good cup of coffee, a great book and something chocolate, and I’ll be your best friend.





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