Very Extra Large Egg

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big egg with border

Extra – Extra Large
WOW!!!! Egg

Picking up eggs this morning was just like any other day.  Getting the eggs while the girls are all around my feet wanting a treat is the usual thing.  Not until I noticed the size of one of the eggs did things get really exciting.         

Oh my word, I have never seen such an egg.  What size egg do you call this.
At our house this is called WOW! what an egg.

The egg on each side of the WOW egg were also picked up this morning and are the usual size of all of our eggs, which are medium to large.

To top it off this egg was laid by a small White Leghorn.
White Leghorns are great layers.  They are small birds, usually a daily layer, they don’t eat a lot, they are small and their eggs are large.
We have different breeds that lay different color eggs and different size eggs.  If you don’t have chickens you may be shocked to find a blue or green egg in the coop is normal. We really enjoy all the different eggs we get, it’s fun to see what each nesting box holds.
Our girls are happy free-range – pastured hens that give us beautiful, healthy eggs.
We get light brown eggs, darker brown eggs, light green eggs, and of course white eggs.

big egg with comparison eggs

If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, go ahead, build the coop, and get some chickens.
You will enjoy their silly antics, and watching their different personalities.  Go ahead, you can do it.

Have Fun!!!

double yoked eggUpdate:  Just as we suspected, the Wow Egg, was a double yoked egg. The kids were excited about breaking it open to investigate.

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