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trash on racks 3 Trash on Racks

While shopping recently with my girls, we came across these items.
These were ON…THE…RACK, TO…BE…SOLD, and they carried a hefty price tag too.


trash on racks 2Are you kidding me, we are out shopping to get some new clothes because some of the clothes we have look similar to these and we consider them to be worn out.

Could this be an episode of Candid Camera?  I looked around, but nope, these things really were for sale at a retail store.


trash on racks 1I have to ask myself, and you should too. Who would buy something like this? And Why?
Everybody I know works to darn hard for their money to spend it on something they could have gotten from a dumpster.

I am totally flabbergasted that the designers somewhere actually thought they could take this trash and put it on hangers and hang it on racks in a nice hob nobbin’ store and people would lay down $30.00 or more for them.
I am equally as dumbfounded that the purchasing agent for some hob nobbin’ store ordered this trash to hang on their racks and really believed that people would make that purchase.

Oh my goodness, I have no words to describe how utterly speechless I am that there are some people, somewhere, actually buying this stuff.   
trash on racks 3I did actually see some girls look at them with interest and take them to the dressing room.

I just can’t get my brain wrapped around why people would spend their hard-earned dollars on something that truly looks like trash.


Now believe me, we have some jeans and shorts with rips and tears in them, and they are probably the most comfortable jeans any of us have.  But, we bought those jeans with no holes and rips.  We have worn them to the point of rips and tears, that’s why we were out shopping for new jeans and shorts.  Why would we pay good, hard-earned money for something that looks worse than what we are already trying to replace.

I really do not believe that this is a teen-age hipster thing. I am concerned that it is the lack of knowing the value of a dollar.

Please, don’t waste your money, don’t buy things from a store that you could get from a dumpster.  Not that I am promoting dumpster diving.  I’m just saying don’t let these designers in a show room somewhere dictate to you what you will wear and then pull this kind of junk.

Think………… that’s what I’m saying.
my 2cents,


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