The Holy Spirit Smells Like Powder

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November 29, 2015

Just a regular Sunday after Thanksgiving, Billy and I were out doing a little bit of Christmas shopping.  Our 15 year old son, Adam was spending time with his grandparents as he usually did on Sunday afternoons.

Adam went riding an ATV that belonged to the neighbors. I texted him to let him know that his Dad was on the way to get him but he said they were getting ready to eat dinner so don’t be in a big hurry.

Very shortly after that, I went to Bath and Body Works while Billy went to get Adam.

When Billy arrived at his parents home to get Adam he wasn’t back at their house yet so he walked down to the area where we knew Adam had been.

That’s when Billy found him unconscious behind a pile of rocks with the 4 wheeler turned upside down several feet from him. 

Billy called me while I was at Bath & Body Works to tell me Adam had been in an accident. I could tell he was trying not to panic but I heard the panic in his voice. He had already called 911 and they were already at the scene. I was to meet them at the hospital.

Since his parents house was almost between where I was and the hospital I told him to let them know that I would stop by to get them. I was frightened, but calm. I just couldn’t let my brain think it was too bad. When I pulled up in their yard I could see that a lot of police, firemen, and a lot of other lights were still down the path where the accident had taken place. I first thought I had arrived at their house even before the rescue squad had left with Adam but they said he had been gone for about 10 minutes.
Seeing all of the flashing lights that were still down there even after the injured person was gone made me a bit suspicious that it was worse than I wanted to believe.

When I arrived at the hospital, I vaguely remember being very calm. I was at a desk at the emergency entrance and the lady was asking me what I thought were useless questions.
I remember the inside of me thinking I was about to wring her neck, while the outside of me answered her very calmly. For some very strange reason I remember a powdery scent that seemed to have a calming effect. I even remember that same powdery aroma on many occasions throughout the next several days. I remember trying to decide if the hospital purposefully has that scent of powder pumping through air returns to keep people calm. I finally decided that it was truly the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Within just a few minutes of arriving at the hospital and being led to an emergency family waiting area, several people we know started coming in. I found out later that Marty, our youth pastor had put it on facebook and in a very short time the room was full of prayer warriors. I still don’t know how Marty found out, but this is a picture he took when he got to the waiting area. I don’t know where Billy and I were at that time, I think maybe this is when we were going back to Adam for the first time.
The picture only shows some of the people, the room was full and over flowing into the hallway. I can’t even put into words how thankful we were that all those people were there so quickly. I’m not sure if we even spoke to any of them or even saw them that night, but they were there and they prayed. That’s what really matters.   






The posts under this title are the posts from Facebook that have been copied here since we know they will someday scroll away from Facebook and be lost in cyberspace.Even though the Facebook posts aren’t all of the correspondences we want to have a fairly good record of the posts so we don’t ever forget the many, many miracles we witnessed through this trial.

As humans, we are so remarkably resilient and yet so very fragile at the same time.

Most of the emergency medical personnel thought it was going to be a tragic outcome.
But then God…………



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