The Broken Candy Cane

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The Broken Candy Cane
While in a local restaurant recently, I observed children visiting with Santa.  The kiddos with their faces all aglow having breakfast and telling Santa the desires of the heart.  Awww, how sweet it was just to watch from a short distance.

The scene was quite pleasant, happy kids, happy parents, Christmas music playing in the background, Santa taking pictures and giving out candy canes.
Then, suddenly without any warning one lil’ princess in a red velvet dress started screaming as if someone had jerked out her two front teeth.

Silence, from everyone except the screamer……… everyone stopped…… what was going on?  The lil’ screamer composed herself just enough to whimper “my candy cane is broken.”  Really, she is that upset over a broken candy cane, which will be broken the second she takes a bite of it anyway.  OK, she’s four and it’s a big deal to her.

But, what happened next had me shaking my head in absolute bewilderment.  Her Grandma took the candy cane from her and said don’t worry, I’ll get you another one.  OK, G’ma to the rescue, all is well.  Or is it? 

This would not have caught my attention if G’ma had simply gone up to Santa’s helper and asked for another candy cane.  Actually, I believe Santa’s helper was already reaching toward G’ma with another candy cane as she approached.  Oh, how I wish the Grandmother had noticed that, and just accepted it and said thank you.  Oh no, G’ma was on a mission to make the world right for her lil’ screamer.  She held out the broken candy cane to Santa’s helper and her exact words were, “Can you give this one to someone else, my granddaughter needs one that isn’t broken.”

OH MY WORD……. did she really say that??????  Yes, she did.
If you are shaking your head, then you understand.  If you are wondering what’s wrong with that, then we need to talk.

Like I said before, this would have never caught my attention if G’ma had simply gotten another candy cane.  It was the statement to “give this one to someone else” that left me totally astounded.
What that really said was; give this one to someone else who is not as good as my grandchild, give this one to someone else who doesn’t deserve the very best, give this one to someone else who doesn’t understand the value of a perfect, unbroken candy cane, give this one to someone else that I don’t have to deal with when they scream, give this one to someone else……….

That was a teachable moment that was missed by a mile.  I’m just not sure if the teachable moment should have been for the child or the adult 😉
Now, I ponder, what is G’ma teaching the little girl.  Seems the ‘ girl has already learned well, that screaming gets her what she wants.

I am no parenting expert, not by a long, long, triple long shot.  I have made thousands upon thousands of mistakes in this world of parenting.
Parenting is hard work, but this is the easy stuff.  The common sense stuff.
Why in the world do we as parents, or grandparents let the easy things slip by.  Why do we do these sort of things that make our kids think that the whole world revolves around them and should stop for their every little whim?

A moment to ponder,


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