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Even if you don’t have a tendency toward finding / purchasing Made in USA products, you can still support your locals.

Shop your Mom and Pop stores, look in the older downtown districts for those Mom and Pop locations.  Go to Craft Fairs and Flea Markets, ask around if you are new to your area.
Look for and frequent your local independently owned and operated businesses.

You can always find fresh local produce. 

Support the stay at home moms in your church or neighborhood trying to generate a little income with their business.  These items usually do cost a little more than what you can get at Target, Wal-Mart or KMart, but the value vs cost is usually better.  The customer service is almost always better, and you are supporting locals.  There are other positives to shopping this way, such as you don’t have to go to the store and stand in line, and spend extra dollars while you are at the store that you hadn’t planned on spending.
Some examples are:
Pampered Chef
Mary Kay
Party Lite
Thirty One
Southern Living at Home

Shop around, think before you spend, save where you can.

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