Substitutes for Canned Creamed Soups

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No more Canned Cream of Soups.
Nix the cream of soups for good.

Instead of canned cream of whatever soup, you can pureed vegetables in your recipe or to thicken a soup.
Pureed vegetables can be an easy and healthy way to thicken soups, or sauces.  If you use a pureed vegetable such as sweet potato or carrot to thicken a soup instead of a can of cream of celery of something like that you will cut out a lot of sodium, fat and calories.
Cream of Mushroom canned soup has 2.5 servings
in each serving it has 870 mg of sodium, 9 carbs, 6 grams of fat, & 100 calories.
Not that I don’t think you can do the math, but just think about it, if you use a can of this soup in a recipe you add 2,175 mg of sodium, 22.5 carbs, 15 grams of fat and 250 calories to the recipe with that one can.
Not to mention it also contains MSG.
You can also use vegetable puree to thicken gravy.
When making vegetable soup, I like to take out some of the vegetables and let them cool, then I just whirl them in the blender to make a thick puree. Then pour that back in the soup pot and stir to give your soup a creamy base.
This also adds to the flavor of your soup or gravy.  I usually use it for soups, but I have used vegetable puree for sauces and gravies as well.
No canned cream of soup for your casserole.  If you are making a casserole you can do the same thing.  Let’s say you are making a casserole that has potatoes, chicken, and cream of soup.
Just boil some potatoes, season them to your liking, blend them up and then proceed with the recipe using the potato puree and leaving out the cream of soup.  If you don’t have time to boil the potatoes to use in a recipe, you can use sour cream of heavy cream instead.
You will be glad to get the cans of creamed soup off your pantry shelf.
You can also use sour cream or heavy cream in those creamy pasta dishes that call for canned cream of.
If you like cream of mushroom, just throw in some fresh sautéed mushrooms.  If you like cream of celery  just make a puree with celery and onions.
You get the idea, you do not have to settle for the high sodium canned cream soups which also have a dozen ingredients you can’t pronounce on the label.

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