So Much Curricula – Only 13 Years

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So Much Curricula – Only 13 Years

Are you an overwhelmed Homeschool Momma, looking at all the choices and have no idea which way to turn?

Getting started with homeschool you actually wondered where you would get books and curriculum.  Now you know there are more choices than you could have ever imagined and your head is spinning because you don’t know what to do.

OK, slow down.  Take a deep breath.  I know, I know, you go to church with Sister Suzy better than you. Sister Suzy is using the XYZ curriculum, and her kids can read, write and spell while they clean their room, feed the animals, play a musical instrument, and deliver a baked from scratch pie to the elderly neighbor.
You feel overwhelmed, less confident, and most likely incompetent every time you see her.  Wait……Put the brakes on, and stop trying to be Sister Suzy, she has nothing on you.  What works for her 6 perfect lil’ darlings may not work for you and yours.  Maybe she has found her perfect place, or maybe she is just as overwhelmed and trying to keep up with someone else.  Maybe she is drowning on the inside just trying to keep her head above all of the misconceived notions she adopted as her own identity.

I understand how out of control you feel when you walk into a book fair at a homeschool conference or when you go to the homeschool bookstore. I know how you feel when you see all of the new shiny books. Oh don’t even mention the smell of new books and how intoxicating that is, I know the feeling. I am a bibliophile aka, as bookaholic.  I know your mind begins to race on how you can implement all of this pre-school curriculum before your little one gets to high school.  Ok, if your littles are well on their way to third grade you see all of the extra choices in History, Geography, hands on Science, How to Build this or that, How to Discover this or that, How to Make this or that.  Oh, the beautiful History DVD’s, The Wonderful Geography DVD’s that will take them to places they will never really go, and don’t forget all of the Math programs that will make them absolute mathematicians.  Now, now,  you can’t be all about academics, you have to buy those Character Building Programs too and don’t forget the classical reading books.  Then there’s the must have subliminal musical instruments you can teach them while they are sleeping along with the subliminal spelling list they can learn while they are sleeping.
It goes on and on and on.
There you stand thinking, “surely to goodness, my kids will be absolute failures if I don’t do all of this stuff with them”.

Stop right there…………………..Your kids will not be absolute failures if you don’t do all of that stuff with them.
Find what works for your family, maybe it’s a complete boxed curriculum.  There are several to choose from. Maybe you have the time and the talent to put together unit studies and if you don’t then it’s okay.  Your kids may learn something later than other kids, they may learn something sooner than other kids.  Don’t fret it.

After many years of homeschooling we finally came full circle, got back to the basics, and remembered that it never was all about academics.
Hey we ain’t raising no prodigy child over here. (haha, gotcha on that one didn’t I)
Yes, we want our kids to know how to read, write, and spell.  We want them to know some history, geography, and some math.  But, our hearts are really for their hearts to be after God. We are much more concerned with the person they will be than how well they do on a standardized achievement test.  We want them to find their way in this world, to know how to treat others, to be honest and caring individuals. To honor their commitments, to follow through with their obligations.  To work and live and conduct themselves as people of God.  Now what more could we ask for than for our kids to be well rounded Jesus loving adults someday?  By the way, there are several books and programs on how to do that too, but you can raise them up without those books.  🙂

Pray for them – Enjoy the journey

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