Book Review: “MockingJay”

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Book Review:  “MockingJay”
the third book in “The Hunger Games” trilogy by Suzanne Collins

OK, Hunger Games fans, “MockingJay” is the third book in the Huger Games trilogy.
Even though it is a top seller, I can honestly say that this trilogy could have been finished in the second book.  About mid-way through this book, I looked to see how many chapters were in it.  27, hmmm, wasn’t that the same number of chapters in “Catching Fire” the 2nd book.  Yes, it was. Then I looked back to see how many chapters were in “The Huger Games” the 1st book, yep 27 it was.  OK, now I’m thinking we are just riding along on this slow boat because Suzanne Collins wanted all three of the books to have 27 chapters.  I was not amused.  Get on with the story already!  By this point I am thinking, Suzanne, the odds are not ever in your favor.

This story moves too slow and drags out each scene. It does pull together some of the missing links from the first two books so that you understand some things better, which could have been done in the first two books though.

All of that being said, keep the tissues handy.  There are a few heart wrenching moments in this book. There are a few “wow! I didn’t see that coming moments” and the climax is a real tailspin, but don’t cheat and go straight to the last couple of chapters, because that will ruin it for you.

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