Book Review: Life in the Shadow of the Swastika

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by: Frieda W. Roos-Van Hessen

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 at 3:43pm

Life in the Shadow of the Swastika
by: Frieda W. Roos-Van Hessen

I just finished reading Life in the Shadow of the Swastika.  It is amazing what this woman has to tell. We went to her speaking engagement last Tuesday and heard her tell a lot of what is in the book, but the book helps to put more of an order to the events.  She is 93 years old and full of energy and knowledge.  I have a great respect for people who have lived through such horrible circumstances.  I can’t even imagine being treated the way people were treated for no reason other than the fact that they were born to Jewish parents, and  lived a Jewish life.  So for their religious beliefs they were beaten and killed.  Not for any thing they had done to harm anyone else.  Reading this book leaves me with a heavy heart, but it is knowledge that we should all have.  This makes me want to re-read “The Hiding Place” and “The Diary of Anne Frank” which I think I will do soon.
In this book the timing is a little hard to follow, and I really should have gotten out a map to follow it, but I didn’t.  She has a small map in the front of the book that is helpful.
This book is written to her own daughter and we are just “listening in” to what she is saying to her daughter.
During the whole book she gives credit to God for the protection through the years and she knows she was spared death so she would meet Jesus, and know Jesus, and have a personal relationship with Jesus.
Since Frieda Van-Hessen was only 19 or so when all this began and she is 93 now, we know that she is one of only a handful of people still living today who can tell the truth about those days.
Enjoy the book as much as you can.  It really is not enjoyable to read of these hardships, but it is true and it is history and we should know these things even though we may not want to.

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