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Q – What’s better than a good book?
A –  a good book with a good cup of coffee

Mom, I’m bored  —– Read a book
There’s nothing to do  —– Read a book
How can I learn about______ —-  Read a book
What do you do for entertainment —- Read a book

I get excited about books, not all books, just the good ones 🙂

I’m so glad that we have many different genres, writing styles, authors, and millions of books, because what I consider a good read, maybe you don’t. Browse the listed books and the reviews. I can’t list all the books I have read.  I am an avid reader and after all these years, I have probably forgotten a lot of the books I’ve read.
So, I’ll just start with the most recently read books and add to it along the way.

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, Read the Bible.
Below is a link to read through the bible in a year.

Now, that being said you can peruse, read the reviews and share some of your favorite titles with me.


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