Our Second Homeschooled Graduate

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Cropped at NCHE picOur Second Homeschooled Graduate

Pomp and Circumstance is playing for Homeschoolers in every state across our nation.

We are proud to once again have a graduate of our homeschool walk across the stage to get that piece of paper that essentially says “Yes, I Did It!”

After 15 years of homeschooling we still get the two most asked questions.
#1, aren’t you concerned about socialization and #2, do you plan to continue homeschooling.  Really????????  Do I still need to answer those questions.

The third question, but not as often is what do they plan on doing when they finish school.  The answer to that question could change monthly, or sometimes weekly, but the honest answer in our hearts as parents remains the same.  It is our greatest desire to know that our kids love The Lord, and know how to treat others.  We want to know that they take seriously their commitments and follow through with their obligations.  We want to watch them grow into adults that strive to be whatever God has called them to.  We want them to seek God, and not seek approval from the world.

Same as with our first graduate, (several posts ago, look under Our first Homeschool Graduate) we have to say;
Yes, we are proud parents (aren’t we supposed to be)
No, it wasn’t easy (was it supposed to be)
Yes, it was stressful (isn’t every school)
No, she didn’t learn everything without any gaps (has anybody, ever)
Yes, she is a social being (and they were all so worried)
No, we don’t homeschool college
Yes, she had plenty of outside activities
Yes, she went to Prom
Yes, she has a job
Yes, she is attending college
No, we wouldn’t trade it
Yes, we are proud parents of 2 more kids in our homeschool and yes we plan to continue.

Our Second Homeschool Graduate with the 1st one

Our Second Homeschooled Graduate with the 1st one


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