Our First Homeschooled Graduate

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Our first Homeschool graduate

Our first Homeschool graduate

Our First Homeschooled Graduate

For 13 years now we have had 2 questions constantly asked of us.  The first is the ever so worried family and friends mantra of “aren’t you concerned about socialization?” and the second is “do you plan on homeschooling through high school?”  or “how long do you plan on homeschooling?”

My standard answer to the first question is “yes, I sure am…. (pause)… that’s why we try to stay away from it” ……pause, smile….. yep, that seems to place a puzzling look upon their face for about a half minute before they decide that I am as strange as they thought.

The answer to the second question is YES!!!!!! we plan to homeschool through high school, you don’t have to ask us each year. I know that sometimes plans change, things happen, and sometimes things don’t work out just the way families have planned.  Praise the Lord, this time it has.  We have been blessed to stay the course and now have our first homeschool graduate.

We are very proud of her and just in case you are wondering, no we don’t plan to homeschool college, but she is already enrolled in some on-line classes along with some seated classes.

Just to make it clear though, I have to stop right here and say; college or not, career or not, we are much more concerned with who she will be than what she will be.

It is our greatest desire to know that our kids love The Lord, and know how to treat others.  We want to know that they take seriously their commitments and follow through with their obligations.  We want to watch them grow into adults that strive to be whatever God has called them to.  We want them to seek God, and not seek approval from the world.

No, it hasn’t been easy.  (should it be)
Yes, it has been stressful. (isn’t every school)
No, she didn’t learn everything without gaps (who does)
Yes, she is a well rounded social being (and they were all so worried)
Yes, she had plenty of outside activities
Yes, she had P.E.
Yes, she attended Prom                              
Yes, she has a job
No, we wouldn’t trade it,
Proud parents of 3 more in our homeschool
and yes, we plan to continue.


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