NutriBullet vs Juicer

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nutribullet vs juicer 5NutriBullet vs Juicer

Yesterday I made my Orange Blush Juice using my Jack Lalanne Juicer, which I love. Today, I made the Orange Blush using my new   NutriBullet, which I am getting used to.

update: I have come to really enjoy the Nutribullet and use it for more things than I ever thought possible when I first got it.  Actually, I am on my second one using the first one to its complete demise.

  Similarities between the NutriBullet Smoothing and the Juicer’s Juice: I used 1 large grapefruit, 2 small oranges, and 2 fairly good-sized carrots in both. I peeled the grapefruit and oranges for both

Differences: The juicer took less than 1 minute to run the 4 items through it right into my glass. The NutriBullet couldn’t hold it all at once so there was a little bit of dumping in and out of the large 20 oz. container.  It wasn’t a problem, it just had to be done. With the juicer I didn’t add any water it was just the juice. With the NutriBullet I did have to add about 1 cup of water to thin down the consistency. The NutriBullet took longer to blend it to a thinner consistency after adding water. Before adding water it was a thick pudding like mixture. With the Juicer all of the pulp is separated into a collector so I’m not sure how much of the fiber I got from consuming it. With the NutriBullet there is no waste so it’s thick with the fiber of its contents. The cleanup for the NutriBullet is a little easier than the juicer. The Yield from the juicer was just one glass full as you can see in the picture. The Yield from the NutriBullet was about double the amount as you can also see in the above picture.

Both yield a nutrient rich drink, it is a matter of preference whether you can drink the one that is thick or not.  I found that by emptying out about 1/2 of the contents and adding about 1/2 cup of water and running the NutriBullet for about another minute it was fine.  A little thicker than I would like, I did drink it so it wasn’t bad at all.  Just by adding water I can get the consistency that I like. Then, of course I did the other half with water and whirled it for a minute. I think next time I will use less fruit and add the water from the beginning and have a pulpy juice that’s a little thinner than the one I made today, but more pulp and fiber than from the juicer.

Update:  The idea above is exactly what I do almost daily now.

I thought I was going to replace the juicer with the smaller and easier to clean NutriBullet but, as it turns out.  They are different appliances with different personalities so I won’t be replacing the juicer, and I will find lots of uses for the NutriBullet.  I am already thinking of dozens of things I can do with it when I find the time.

If you have any NutriBullet favorite tips and tricks, please comment below and share your ideas.


Do you prefer Juice or Smoothie?

Have some fruit and veggies everyday!

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  1. Jebbica says:

    PS I really like your background color on your blog!
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  2. Jebbica says:

    Interesting! I have a juicer, but I’ve only used it a couple of times. I have a Ninja that I use for pretty much any kind of smoothie making or other needs, and I use it all the time! I just can’t get behind the taste of juicing…I don’t like to drink my vegetables, lol. Thanks for stopping by my party!
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