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Hey there, I’m so glad you have stopped by my blog.
I would like to take a second here to introduce myself. I am Debra Vick, an Independent Consultant for Norwex.
Life has been crazy here for the last few years, and some of those situations is what led me to Norwex. Let me explain; we have been a homeschool family since 1998, and I had worked part time from 2005 – 2014. I left my part time job in December of 2014, my plan was to take a year off and then find something to do that would be beneficial to our family, and mostly work from home.

In August of 2015 my husband was laid off from his 20 year corporate job, Whoa, that put a little wrinkle in our plans (well, a big wrinkle actually). Then just 3 months later, on November 29, 2015 our youngest child had a devastating ATV accident. He was in the hospital over a month and had months of therapies to go through. So, my planned year of not working was up and I had too much to take care of at home to be looking for a job.
As months passed by, our son was able to care for himself continue most aspects of being a 15 year old boy, and our family was getting into the swing of our new normal. That’s when I was invited to a Norwex party. I went and immediately saw the benefits of creating a safe haven in our home and wanted to help others as do the same. This is exactly what I was looking for, something beneficial to our family (in more ways than one) and working mostly from home.

If you would like to join my team and see the benefits of Norwex for yourself, please click the link or you can contact me at 

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Thank you so much

Debra Vick


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