North Carolina; Vacation or New Home

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If you are looking for a great vacation place, consider North Carolina. The state of North is perfectly situated between blissful beaches and mountains of majesty. Let’s start with my personal favorite; the mountains, especially The Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville, North Carolina. Grab a camera, a big picnic lunch, and some good hiking boots.  You will be set for the day. There are plenty of photo ops along the way, plenty of picnic sites, and plenty of walking or hiking trials. For a wonderful site of places to see and things to do go to >

A couple of hours outside of Asheville you will find “heaven on earth” they call it Valle Crucis.  Don’t go to Valle Crucis looking for amusement parks and a lot of loud night life. This is truly a remarkable place to get away from the crowd and just relax for a day or two. You can find several Bed and Breakfast Inns, and cabins to rent in the area. Hike the trails behind the conference center, go to the “little church”, just ride around and enjoy the scenery keep that camera ready, this truly is a beautiful place. You can spend time in Mast General Store, and the Annex (aka, the candy shop). These stores may be keeping up in this high-tech world, but they will give you a feel of the past.  Don’t be in a hurry when you visit Mast General Store, take time to roam around, shop, and even get a history lesson while pondering the wares. Careful though, you might just find yourself transfixed in yesteryear, in days gone by, even in your Granny’s kitchen.  For more information on Mast General Store visit, I read somewhere there that the motto of Valle Crucis is “Rest, Relax, Return”.  That motto fits the place perfectly and you will see why.

A whole page could be dedicated to just Asheville and Valle Crucis and all the places between the two.  This is just a little “taste” of North Carolina.

Now how ‘bout them beachcombers, you say. Where can we bury our toes in the sand? North Carolina is rich with ocean waters and sandy beaches.  If you were able to take a long drive, and a ferry or two, from Calabash, NC to Corolla, NC, which is fairly close to the Virginia State line, you would have to spend  6  or more hours and close and travel over 300 miles.  During this drive you could take the time to enjoy 40 different beaches.  To see the alphabetical listing of NC beaches, visit

Okay, I know you can’t just spend the day looking through the glass of your car window while driving from Wilmington to Corolla and never stop to enjoy the sites. That was just to point out the massive amount of beaches in North Carolina.

So pick one of these lively beach areas, stop and stay a couple of days.  Get some sand between your toes, breathe if that salty ocean air. Take some time to soak up a little history, get in a little sightseeing, maybe sometime on a local sport such as fishing or kayaking, of course a meal or two at a local eatery.

The North Carolina beaches are divided in what is known as the northern beaches and the southern beaches.  The southern beaches are Wilmington and those surrounding areas.  The northern beaches are called the Outer Banks which includes Cape Hatteras, Nags Head, and those surrounding areas. The Outer Banks area of the Atlantic Ocean is known as The Graveyard of the Atlantic because of so many miles of coastal waters and so many shipwrecks, this is a great state to visit light houses. You will find 7 amazing lighthouses in North Carolina.

From the ocean to the mountains of North Carolina this state is filled with everything your heart could desire.  Along with a rich history, North Carolina offers a plethora of sports, art, restaurants, camping, hiking, fine dining, convention centers, universities, military bases, small rural town, larger cities, country roads, interstate highways, and most of all good people.

Pages upon pages could be spent on what North Carolina has to offer as a vacation place, as a college choice, or a new home.  Whatever you are looking for, it can most likely be found in North Carolina.

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