NC Senate Bill 346 = Eliminating your Choice

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sb 346      2NC Senate Bill 346 — Your rights as a parent to  make a choice for your children is being challenged, yet again.


First off, to be clear, this post is not in support of vaccines or against vaccines.  This post is not meant to sway your opinion concerning vaccines one way or the other.  This post is about your right to give informed consent being taken away from you.
Some NC Senators want to make that their business, instead of yours.

Just yesterday, March 20, 2015, Bill 346 was filed.
What is Senate Bill  346? This is a Bill, that if passed will eliminate religious exemption for all school aged children. 
Let me repeat that…… all school aged children, if you are a homeschool parent, or a private school parent, don’t just shake your head and think this doesn’t apply to you because, IT DOES!   This is a very long post that probably borders on boring, but I believe you want to be informed.

Certain vaccines have been mandatory for public education since I was a kid in school and I guess even before that. There has always been the religious exemption that parents could use if they didn’t agree with vaccines.  So, now some of the good ole boys have decided that too many parents are riding the religious exemption horse so they want to pull in the reins.  This proposed bill is worded in a way that eliminates religious exemptions.

Oh, you can bet that in their words, it’s all for the good of the children. You know, because parents don’t know what’s best for their children.

Honestly, I can actually swallow vaccination requirements for public schools because there are so many kiddos packed in the schools and communicable diseases can spread like the common cold.  I get it, I really do. I also understand some parents have strong beliefs against vaccinations for whatever reason, and that should be their business.  The “government” school system sets the standard for what goes on there.  We aren’t forced to go to the government schools, but if we choose to go to their schools, then we have to play by their rules.  Again, I get it.  But, this Bill 346 goes further than that.

Bill 346 calls for all K-12 children to have a list of specified vaccines, with no religious exemptions (the medical exemptions will survive) and the annual flu vaccine is on the list.
So if you are one of the families that usually gets the vaccines for measles, mumps, rubella, and whatever  the others are that you must have in order to attend public schools, you can now add the yearly flu vaccine to that list.

What makes this even more concerning is that North Carolina actually has a very high percentage of compliance rate for children receiving the vaccines before attending Kindergarten.  The link below gives the information on NC’s compliance rate.

So, really, who is the target market for this Bill? Let’s see, it must be the private schools, and the homeschools, which have to be listed with the state as a private school.  So, if all school aged children have to have the government oversee their vaccines, that would include private schools and homeschools as well. Bill 346 does not say children attending public schools.
At this time, this over-stepping by the government does not include preschools or daycare centers. If this Bill passes, I can only imagine the slippery slope, and I doubt it will end with preschools, daycares, schools, and vaccines.  This can open the door for mandated medical procedures of all sorts without informed consent.

Below is a link to public record documentation of Bill 346 that was filed March 20, 2015, and you can see the language of the Bill here as well.
SB 346 filed and supported by Senator Jeff Tarte – District 41 – Mecklenburg.
The list of vaccines including influenza can also be seen here.

Somewhere along the way I have to wonder what is the real agenda.  A quick look up on Tarte and I found that  before becoming a Senator he has been CIO for two hospitals, he has been a consultant for major healthcare systems, and his campaign was heavily funded by big pharma, also, not a biggie, but his wife is a pediatrician.    hmmm………

The other two Senators pushing, excuse me, I meant sponsoring this are  Tamara Barringer, -Wake, and Terry Van Duyn, -Buncombe.

You may find it totally contradictory as I did, that large well know organizations in the medical field actually speak out against mandatory vaccination.
Top of the list is AMA – American Medical Association
if you are interested in the long list of organizations click here:

Forced vaccination is a violation of the Informed Consent section of the AMA Code of Medical Ethics which states:
(below is a straight copy and paste from the AMA website)
Informed consent is a basic policy in both ethics and law that physicians must honor, unless the patient is unconscious or otherwise incapable of consenting and harm from failure to treat is imminent.

yeah, Informed CONSENT!!!!   do we need to give them the definition of consent?

Now….. you ask…. what to do, what to do????
Contact your senator’s office.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy.
Just an act to show your concern and voice your opinion.
A phone call or email is what you need to do.

If you need to know who your representative is:

I found a support/opposed list that I believe they are going to try to update daily.  Check to see if your representative is already on the list.
You can see the list here:

You can also sign a petition that goes to Jeff Tarte’s office here:

The decision to vaccinate or not should be yours.

Thank you for your valued time in reading this long post.
You action is needed.

government mandate signature line


Today, April 1, 2015, SB 346 died before making it to a vote. 

I’m sure it will be back around but, for now it’s not an issue.
Maybe, just maybe they are listening. 






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