Hey Daddy, You Are Not A Glass Maker

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Yes I did say “Kids on Shoulders, How Rude!”
What happens if you are nice and leave a little room between you and the people in front of you.  This is what happens.

kids on shoulders

While we were standing waiting for a show to begin at the castle of all castles, we left a little space between us and the people in front of us.  We didn’t want them to feel like we were getting in their back pocket, you know, it’s called personal space for them and for us.  Then these folks standing beside us decided to take the space in front of us.  OK, but then they decided to put their kids up on their shoulders.  Excuse me, you know good and darn well you just stepped in front of us, because you were just standing beside me.  OK, so your kiddo couldn’t see, and somehow you think it’s okay to make it so others can’t see by putting them on your shoulders.  That is not okay,

This is not an isolated incident. This happens all over the place, kids standing in chairs at a movie, kids standing in the laps of parents at a concert or theater, kids on shoulders like this.

It’s not okay.
It’s rude, it’s inconsiderate, it’s obnoxious.

I understand you want your little ones to see the show, really I do.  I want your kid to see the show, I want my kid to see the show, I want to see the show.  What I don’t understand is why you, the adult, somehow thinks it’s okay to put others in the same situation you are trying to eliminate for your child.

What are you teaching your children by doing this?  Oh, you are teaching them that’s it’s okay to do to others what you don’t want done to you.  You are showing them that they are more important than others.  You are teaching them to be rude, inconsiderate, disrespectful and to put themselves above others, literally.

If you need to move so your child can see, that’s okay, but think about others in the crowd too.  Try this, don’t put you child any higher than your own head, hold you little one in front of you so that their head is about you chin area so that you don’t block the view of others.  If you are in a theater, instead of letting your child stand in the chair blocking the view of the people behind them, change seats with them or hold them in your lap, but again, don’t let their head be any higher than yours.
You would think this stuff is common sense, but apparently it isn’t.
Parenting, it’s hard stuff for sure.  This is the easy stuff, just think about what you are teaching your kids.  Whatever you do, please just start teaching your kids to be kind and considerate by demonstrating it.

BTW, they are in my picture because they stepped in the space.


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  1. Lysa says:

    I hate it so much when people do this kind of crap.

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