Kick Start Green Fruity – Detox Smoothie

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Kick Start your Day with a Nutrient Packed Good Morning Blended Green Fruity/Smoothie.  I like to call this one a “Fruity” instead of a smoothie.  Smoothie makes me think yogurt, creamy, hot summer day, or snack.  This one is more chunky with some “meat on it’s bones”, I can make a meal out of this one, so I call it a green fruity

Swift Creek-20130302-00220Ingredients:
1 small apple
1 small banana
1 cup of baby spinach
2 kiwis (which are always small)
1 cup of water  

Just put 1 cup of water in the bottom of the blender, cut the apple, banana, and kiwi into small chunks and add that to the water, put the spinach on top.
You need to run the blender on chop for a few pulsating seconds, next, turn it to liquefy for a few more seconds.  It only takes a few seconds.
I really like the texture of this smoothie.  Different than juicing which gives, well, juice of course, this lil’ charm has texture.  Smooth with a little bit of chunky sauciness texture.  It’s thick and “meaty” and a flavor explosion in your mouth.

Total Calorie Count =  approx. 270
Total Carbohydrates = approx. 60

Whooooa, you may be saying that’s a bit high in calories for a kick starter, but it is so nutrient packed, there are no empty calories here.  You might also be stumbling over the 60 carbs, yeah, that’s a lot of carbs to start the day with too, but again, no empty carbs here, so I’m okay with that

Swift Creek-20130302-00226This smoothie is quick and easy, fresh, yummy, almost no fat, and packed with vitamins and fiber.

green fruity in glassDetox qualities  — The break down
Potassium = over 1,000 mg (50% of daily need)
Dietary Fiber = 10 grams (60%)
Protein = 6 grams
Vitamin A = 55%  (mostly from spinach)
Vitamin K = over 100% (from spinach)
Vitamin C = over 250% (mostly from kiwi)  Yes, kiwis have more Vitamin C than oranges
Calcium = 15%

I know I haven’t covered all the bases with the nutrient info here.  Along with the above information, spinach also packs a pretty good punch with Folate, Riboflavin, and Magnesium.

So don’t worry about the carbs and calories in this one.

This is very tasty, good for you, and loaded with the good stuff.
Make your own Fruities and Smoothies for a fraction of the cost of one made at a Smoothie counter.
Use real, fresh fruit and veggies. A little water and your blender and you have yourself a wonderful meal or snack.
Change it up with different fruits, or veggies.  Just remember that orange and green make brown.  I made one yesterday with spinach but used 2 large carrots instead of an apple.   Whew, it tasted good, but the color made it hard to swallow.  You notice I didn’t take pictures of that one 🙂

We consume a lot of Fruities and Smoothies for good food, drinks, and snacks.  They are also good for detoxifying and cleansing your body.  Detox qualities take place when we consume a lot of vitamins, minerals, raw and colorful foods, and plenty of fiber.

There are plenty of detox programs you can follow for 7 days or 10 days.  A total detox is far more than diet, but that’s a different post for a different day.

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