How to Cook Ground Turkey or Ground Beef into a Fine Texture

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Ground Turkey Cooked to fine texture

Ground Turkey
Cooked to fine texture

Cooking Ground Turkey or Ground Beef into a Fine Texture

When making tacos, chili, lasagna or spaghetti, I like the texture of the meat to be small, itzy bitzy, fine pieces.  I truly dislike having large chunks of meat in a sauce.  If you like small pieces as well but, don’t know how to accomplish it, here’s how.

For years I cooked the meat then, while it was draining in the colander I used forks to cut or mash it into smaller pieces to get the texture I wanted.

ground turkey in pan

Cooking Ground Turkey in water

I noticed my mother-in-law always had the tiny pieces of meat in her homemade chili and spaghetti sauce like I wanted but never seemed to accomplish.  So years ago I asked her how she got the pieces so small and she shared her “secret” with me.  I have been doing that ever since, but through the years I have learned that a lot of people do not know this little “secret”.  I think it’s one of those little tricks of old that just didn’t get passed along because it was such a common practice our moms didn’t think it was worth sharing.

Well here it is:  The little “secret” to getting the tiny meat pieces texture to your ground turkey or ground beef.

Water.  That’s all it is, just water.

When you put your ground turkey or ground beef in the pot or pan you just need to add a couple of cups of water and mix it all in.  Hands work well for this mixing and squishing.

ground turkey draining pic edited

Draining the water and grease from ground turkey

Then, as the meat cooks it actually boils in the water.  Drain the water and grease from the meat and put it back in the pan and continue your recipe.

Can you believe it’s that easy.  I know it sounds so easy that I’m almost embarrassed to make a post for it, but just last week I was talking to someone who had no idea that cooking the ground meat in water would turn it into this fine texture.

Oh, by the way, never pour that grease down the drain.  That’s another thing that I have found out that a lot of the younger generation doesn’t know.  Grease poured down the drain causes a lot of problems with pipes later on.  Just pour into an empty can after it has cooled and trash it, or if you live out like we do you can pour it on the ground in a wooded area or back of the lot, just make sure it is far away from where people will walk.

If you have any of those old-time favorite “secrets” please share them here.  I will try them too.



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  1. Sharon Autry says:

    This was a HUGE blessing for me! I have been trying to stretch our meat purchases. This helps SO much!

  2. Jebbica says:

    Hey, that’s amazing! I would have never thought of that. I figured there would be a lot of chopping involved. Genius! Hey, I posted my Liebster Award post (and your nomination!) yesterday! Now maybe you can see what it’s all about, haha. Have a great weekend! Thanks for coming to my party.
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