Teaching your child to read

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Learning to read can be fun and it can be quite a challenge for both parent and child.  If your little scholar is ready to read, then go ahead and teach. If little munchkin is not ready don’t push.  Hey, who said they have to read by the time they are the grand old age of 5.

One great resource any parent can easily use is “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons”.  Keep in mind that 100 lessons doesn’t mean 100 days, and lil’ munchkin isn’t going to be reading novels at the end of 100 easy lessons.  This is however a great resource to set the foundation for reading. I have used it as a foundation with our kiddos, they all seemed to catch on to the reading part well.   I will admit though, that using this method for a reading foundation may have caused them to want to spell EVERYTHING exactly the way it sounds, so spelling was a bit of a challenge.  Even so it comes.  I actually revamped the 100 lessons to work better for us.  I did not use this same book for teaching handwriting as is suggested, and made other changes to mold it to best suit us.  I recommend “Teach Your Child How to Read in 100 Easy Lessons”, for any parent and child, it is not hard.  It takes about 10 minutes at the beginning for each lesson and about 20 – 30 minutes per lesson by the end of the lessons.  You can customize it to fit best with you and your child.  It does work very well for the children who have an interest in learning if you keep it fun and don’t overwhelm them with all other lessons.

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