Homeschooling in North Carolina

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In January of 2010 National Home Education Research Institute reported that there were over 2 million home educated students in the United States. This was up from 1.5 million registered in 2007. In January, 2011 North Carolina reported more than 43,000 registered homeschools in the state. Homeschooling is on the rise.  I guess each home has their own reason or reasons for keeping their kids home instead of sending them off to school.  For some it could be that they wouldn’t even consider a government school to begin with but cannot afford the alternatives. For others it may be strictly for religious purposes and for others, they may be following a trend.  In any case, it seems fewer and fewer parents are willing to trust the government with their children.  That is registered schools, not students. If you are one of the homeschools in North Carolina you may want to join North Carolinians for Home Education (NCHE).  There is a wealth of knowledge and helpful information at NCHE.  You can call them with your questions and they will direct you to the right place if they can’t answer your question. They are busy in lobbying for homeschoolers in our state.  They can direct you to support groups in your area, and they host an awesome conference each year.

Along with joining as a member of NCHE you have to register your school with the North Carolina Department of Non-Public Education. If you are brand new to homeschooling and have not registered your school yet, visit the NCDNPE website at to find out when you have to register your school and other laws and important information for North Carolina homeschoolers.

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