Healthy Choices can equal Unhealthy Stress and Confusion

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 Are You Stressed and Confused over Healthy Choices?

fresh produceAre you just starting out on a healthy food and healthy home journey, or have you struggled around with it for years trying to figure out what works for you and your family?

It has been a long, long journey for me, complete with confusion, stress, and plenty of contradicting information. 

About thirty years ago, I stumbled across a quaint little store called Harmony Farms.  It was a small natural foods store, and it was long before Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods ever came to our area.  I was young and not at all informed on organic, or any of the lingo that went along with the “crunchy” lifestyle.

I seemed to be somewhat drawn to that little store and went there often since it was close to where I worked.  The people were super friendly, and didn’t mind sharing loads of information with me.  Too much to my dismay, but I learned a lot from them.  It wasn’t long before I was munching on carob bars, yogurt covered nuts, granola, and drinking fruit & veggie smoothies while eating veggie pitas.  I experimented a lot with these items at home but never got deeply rooted in the whole regimented lifestyle of making all those confusing choices.

Eventually, I moved and changed jobs, and I didn’t go to that store very often. Then a few years later I noticed a new one not far from where I was living so once again I started essential oils editedexploring the options.
I also met a very nice lady who rented office space in the same building that I worked in.   She had a small aroma therapy business, and she consulted in essential oils, natural make up and skin care products.  So, began my journey in essential oils.

By then, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and other health food related stores were popping up in the area which made for easier access but, with so many choices, it was even more confusing.

Then a few years later, I got really serious about removing household toxins from our home.  I cut out all toxic laden cleaning supplies, and started making most of my own. I have spent the years since either making my own, or using products from non-toxic product lines for laundry supplies, cleaning supplies, make-up, oral hygiene products, vitamins, and essential oils.

So, as you can see, I was semi-crunchy when crunchy wasn’t cool.
And Semi-Crunchy is where I have found my comfortable place.  I am not the regimented food police about every aspect of our food choices.  As I have stated many times before, I like to make healthier choices in a lot of areas but I am not a slave to those choices.

Recently, I have heard way too many arguments from well-meaning individuals on their choices of essential oils, or their choices of diet, or their choices on cleaning supplies.

If you are feeling stressed or confused, or over-whelmed by all of the things you are hearing that must be best for your family, I would like to encourage you to just put it all on hold. Don’t be pressured by it.  Be honest with yourself. Do the best you can for your family and don’t try to fill everyone’s expectations on where you should purchase your oils, or food, or cleaning supplies.

I have seen absolute battles over these issues, and it is so unnecessary.
I have seen the upturned nose from one momma to another because they didn’t agree on essential oils or food choices.  Really?  Please let’s all just try to help one another instead of thinking my choices are better than your choices.  I have had a long journey in this.  I don’t claim to know it all.  I don’t even want to know it all.  I just want to make the choices that I believe are best and doable for me and my family without feeling guilty.  I just want to see other mothers make the choices that will work for their family without feelings of guilt from family or friends.

I really believe we are all in this together, we all want the best for our family, let’s be humble and gracious to one another.




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