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Are you concerned about the lack of American made items you can find in your local stores.  You will not find very many in the big box stores. It is depressing and the only way to combat this is to take action.  It is time for Americans to demand American made products. Bring jobs back to America.  We need to stop being held captive by the manipulation of currency by China and Japan.  Let’s put America back to work.
Build manufacturing, build economy.
Take Action Now: Our actions speak volumes.
Start now shopping as much as you possibly can for American made products.
Search your hometown or home state and find products made “at home”.

Buy Local if you can. Buy American made if you can.
I am not naive enough to think I will buy only American made from now on, but I do want to be proactive and make an effort.

Companies to shop because they make all or most of their products in the USA.
Look around for American made products.

  • Yankee Candle Company   (candles are made in USA, but not their accessories)
  • Thirsty Stone  (most products are made in USA)L.L. Bean (a lot but not all products are still made in the USA)
  • Pampered Chef (all of the stoneware, and some of the other items are made in America)
  • Melaleuca Products (most products are manufactured in America, except obtaining the actual Melaleuca Oil from Australia, Tough and Tender wipes are made in China, the candle warmer is made in China, and Attain Peanut Butter Bars are made in Canada. There maybe other products within the Melaleuca line that are not made in USA but those are the only ones I could find at this time.
  • American Apparel
  • New Balance Footwear (not all, but a lot)
  • Lane Bryant (most)
  • Steven Alan (also uses all USA cotton)
  • Scentsy (warmers are no longer made in USA, but the melting bars are)
  • Spanx

I’m sure there are others as well. If you know of any please leave a comment. I will update this list and add them.

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