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Our family decided this year to read through the bible in one year. We have been following the “Read the Bible for Life” schedule.   This plan is set up to read in a chronological order instead of straight through, since the bible isn’t printed in chronological order.  It seems to skip around a bit but it does help you keep things together better.
It’s still pretty easy to get bogged down in the hard to pronounce names and places.  Following the way the people lived can be quite a challenge too.  The battles and wars and sins that are spelled out seem a bit atrocious (x-rated even), but then who ever said the people of the biblical days were perfect.  Only one is perfect, and we know that is Jesus.  So while reading some of the accounts and thinking, oh my word, I can’t believe this is in the bible it serves as a reminder that we live in a fallen world and we are all fallen people.
If you decide to read through the bible, don’t stop if you get behind, keep going even if you don’t get it done in a year, don’t give up.  Stick with it and get it finished.  It is an incredible book to read and you don’t have to have total understanding of the people, places and events.  Just plug along and let God open your eyes to things that maybe you have read before and didn’t understand, or to new things that you didn’t know were in the bible.

You can click the link below and print out a 2 page schedule for yourself.  Any week can be week one.  Just mark off as you go along.

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