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We are sinners saved by grace, that makes us saints according to the bible.  Wow! saints, now imagine that.  Well, I don’t go around daily announcing to the world that I am a saint.  Believe me, I don’t usually feel like one, I certainly don’t look like one, nor do I ever act like one.  All of that according to my mental picture of a saint, of course.
It’s a gift from God, this wonderful salvation, it’s nothing I have done, it’s just believing and receiving Jesus Christ as my personal savior.
As much as I try to live according to His Word, I fail moment by moment.  We all do, but that’s okay, because we serve a risen Lord who knows our hearts.

Our family has attended the same church for over 20 years.  In the beginning we were part of a church plant in our community and the church was sponsored by 3 other local churches for the first few years.  We have been part of the sweat (and sweet) equity that is the very foundation it takes to build a growing church in a rural community.
Through the years we have seen families come and go.  We have witnessed and experienced the growing pains of a building program, twice.
We have also witnessed an exodus that takes place often in churches after about 10 years.
We have experienced much friendship, love, and heart-break under the roof of the place we call our church.
Whether we attend  church at the same location for many years to come, or if we move to a different church in the near future, we know that our salvation is not imminently tied to a building, an address, or a particular congregation.
Our salvation is in Jesus Christ, the one and only way to God, the Father.

Please use this place to share your faith and encouragement with others. It is my hope that you can share great experiences that you have had in your walk with The Lord that will be encouraging to others.  Share your praise and thanksgiving, your Wow, It’s a God thing moments, and your prayer request and updates.
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