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We are frugal as mentioned before, but there are places that we approved spending a little more money.  We believe in making investments for the health of our family and the future of our family.
We try to buy local when we can, and we try to buy USA made when we can.
For example, if I am looking to purchase a tablecloth and I see one tablecloth made in China for $12.00 and another tablecloth very similar to it except it is made in the USA for $20.00, I say it is worth the difference to purchase the tablecloth made in the USA.  I consider that an investment in our country, our economy, and therefore our future.  Now say, I see another tablecloth made local and it’s a couple of dollars more, it is still worth it to spend the couple extra dollars to help support a locat business or individual.
I understand this isn’t something that can always be done.  Have you tried shopping on Made in USA lately?  Oh my word, I tried to buy a simple hairbrush recently and after going to at least a dozen stores, I finally settled on my favorite Made in China hairbrush.  It is nearly impossible to buy only local or Made in America products, but as often as you can, go ahead and give it a try.
We had several weddings to attend this past summer.  After shopping for the gifts and finding only a few choices that fit my criteria which was Made in USA and fit my budget, this is the short list that I came up with.

  • Corelle, you know those non breakable dishes, Made in the USA (we happen to have these type of dishes)
  • Yankee Candles — Made in the USA.  I know it’s common knowledge that Yankee Candles are made in the USA, but just in case you have forgotten and by the way they are wonderful candles.
  • Thirsty Stone products — Made in the USA

Yes, that is a very short list, and I did see a few others but they didn’t fit my budget for the wedding shower shopping spree.

I would love to grow the list and will continue to grow the made in the USA list as time goes on and in a different post.  If you know of a company that has Made in the USA products, please share that information and we can get it added to the list.

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