Bread that doesn’t mold. Really?

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While standing in line at the grocery store yesterday, I overheard the lady in front of me declare wonderful news about her bread.

She said to the cashier, “this is the best bread I have ever had” after a little chitchat back and forth with the cashier the lady stated the reason she likes this bread.  She stated:  “I can have this bread on my counter for 3 weeks without it molding”  Really????
Come on now —- let’s think about that —–  Bread has plenty of sugar and moisture, what else do you need to grow a bag full of mold?  The big question here is, what do you need to prevent mold in a bag of bread sitting on your counter for 3 weeks?
Answer of course; a daily dose of preservatives and chemicals in every bite.

For a closer look at bread, and what you might want to know,

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  1. Dana Sims says:

    I thought this was interesting. I used to buy a bran of Aldi bread that I really liked. It was moist and nutty and “healthy”. I stopped buying it because I noticed that it would never mold. I still love Aldi, I just don’t buy that bread anymore.

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