Book Review – Peace in the Pressure Cooker

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Patti Davis
Patti Davis

Peace in the Pressure Cooker
by Patti Davis

Oh, what a great book.  This is an easy read.  With a cup of coffee and a quiet house you can read this lil’ keeper in just a few hours.

What makes this such a good book is that it is so REAL, everyone can identify with Patti.  Not necessarily because you have ever experienced the hardships she has endured, but because you can identify with her as a girl, as a woman, as a wife, as a mom.  She has such a sweet spirit that comes through the pages of this book.  So much so that you can not put it down.

Patti has definitely lived through more than the average woman but she never fails to give God the glory for every good thing.

So, what makes this book such a gem isn’t that she has endured hardships, it’s because she has lived to tell about it and she tells about it with such grace.  Such grace that you feel like you are a personal friend of hers by the time you finish reading her book.

This book assures you that no matter what you may be experiencing right now, it’s not the whole story.  There is hope, there is peace.  You will find encouragement on the pages of this book.

I may have never heard of this book if not for the fact that I work with one of her sons and knew of the writing of the book for a couple of years before it was published.  I have had the pleasure of meeting Patti Davis a few times and believe me, you would never know of any of the things she tells about in her book from just meeting her a few times.  She does not live in a perpetual pity party, she lives life with vitality and is a down to earth, pleasant person to be around.

*********** below is from the back of her book********************
Patti Davis has experienced physical and sexual abuse throughout her childhood, two failed marriages to the same man who couldn’t give up his addictions, being a single parent of three children, being homeless at 53, a rare form of stage III breast cancer, and a near fatal auto accident that left her with ongoing chronic pain and a brain injury. You will be amazed with how God has brought to life the truths from 2 Cor. 4:7–9 (her life verses) through her story. You will learn how to equalize the pressures of life from the inside out—just like Patti did—and ultimately find “peace in the pressure cooker

link to Patti’s page

Enjoy a good book today

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