Benghazi Terror Attack

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Say What?? Benghazi terror attack, yes or no?Β  Video to blame, yes or no?

Yeah, What did they say? Can’t they get it straight? First they blamed a video, then they said that they didn’t blame a video for the 9-11-12 attack. Get it straight now y’all.

Can the White House be believed? What’s the truth?

JavamamaΒ is a passive “politicker”, but even I can see that this was a cover up gone wrong. If you don’t know what politicker means, it means first and foremost, I’m not a politician. I’m not smart enough, I’m not dumb enough, and I’m not crooked enough to run for any kind of office.Β  It means I listen, but don’t necessarily debate, I have my beliefs but I don’t try to run you over with them.

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