Backyard Chickens vs Hawks

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Chickens + Hawks = Trauma in the flock.

Do you have free ranging backyard chickens?  If so, you are always worried about hawks, and dogs, and any other critter that might make it into the yard and cause havoc among the flock.

Flight Netting could help with issues that may arise.

We have lost a hen  here and there to a hawk or a dog.  Always a sad situation. A couple of months ago though we had a relentless predator in our yard that would not let up.  We are down to 11 chickens from the 27 we had just a couple of months ago.  Most went missing without a trace, and a few were left behind after the killing.

We do prefer free ranging chickens over those in a run or pen.  However, since the recent attacks hubby put up flight netting over the run which has been a good addition.  Most days now, we leave them in the run area so they can be out and about but under the covering of the flight netting.  On days that we know we will be home most of the day we will let them out and let them run around the yard having a fun time scratching and pecking.

Hubby wanted to make it easy for us to enter the run area so he put a  3″ x 8′ PVC pipe  in the ground in the center of the run.  Then we put the netting across that and pulled it to the edges of the run and  stapled it to  that all the way around.

So far it has worked well at keeping the flock safe.

Flight netting is inexpensive as well as the PVC pipe.

Hope this helps you work through a situation you may be having in your Backyard Chickens vs Hawks.

Have a Happy Henhouse


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