Backyard Chickens, Fun or Frugal

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Backyard Chickens may be fun, but not necessarily frugal.

Well not frugal at all actually. If you are thinking about getting chickens to have great eggs and save money, think again.  Yes, you will have great eggs. Considering the cost of housing and feeding the chickens though, it’s cheaper to just buy eggs.  If you want to have chickens for fun and great eggs, then you are on the right track.  We enjoy our backyard chickens.  We love watching them as they have very entertaining antics and personalities.  Some are skittish and others come right up to us wanting to be held for a minute or two. They chase bugs, will jump waist-high for a piece of bread or cheese.  They are perpetual toddlers for sure.  They do not know how to share and will run over their own momma for a crumb. Having hens is a fun way to get a little bit of natural food and learning in your kiddos. Unless you live on a farm where you can have large farm animals, chickens will give them a sense of micro farming. Hubby built a nice coop for us a couple of years ago.  We like to let them free range during the day and they go to the coop when it gets dark every evening.  We lock the coop at night to protect against night predators and let them out in the mornings. If you have chickens you can plan on about 1 egg per day from each hen.  Lots of fun for the kids, and not a lot of work keeping the area clean.

We do enjoy the eggs from the chickens and we are often asked if we eat the chickens.  NO, we do not eat them.  They are our pets. Funny as it may sound to have chickens as pets, we do.


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