A Cry From Egypt – Book Review

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I just finished the book
A Cry From Egypt
by the very talented author, Hope Auer.

  The book is a cry from egypt 10written for young teens, maybe even older teens, but can certainly be enjoyed by all ages.  I know many moms who have read the book and enjoyed it as well.

OK, I just happen to be a homeschooling mom, living in the same area as the author and her family.  Since Hope Auer is a homeschooled graduate it gave me an extra incentive to purchase her book.  I was not disappointed in her story. I love that this book is a Christian historical fiction book. I love historical fiction. In the preface Hope explains that the plagues and some other events really did happened, however Jarah, (the main character) along with her family and friends are fictional. Hope brings the characters to life and makes you feel like you really know them.

I love the way the author vividly set the stage and gave us believable “real -life” characters to pull together the story.  This is one of those stories from the bible that we have read so many times before, yet, when we read the bible stories or watch the movie of the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt we don’t “feel” their pain because we are historically removed from the situation, so we glaze over it.  This book paints a beautiful picture of a young girl and her family and how they could have actually lived during that time.

Even though there are painful aspects such as slavery, whippings, and mistreatment it’s not so much that it is over-bearing.  You will also find family life, love, friendship, and hope in this story.

Thanks to Hope Auer for bringing alive this story of pain and turmoil under the Pharaoh, tragedy and triumph of the people, faith and hope in God.  I am looking forward to more vivid storytelling in the next book of  The Promised Land Series.

Without me spoiling the book for you, just know that it is a good book that brings fictional characters to life in a story you already know so well, but maybe never thought of it in quite so much detail.

Now with the glowing review it breaks my heart to finish if off by stating that there are several grammatical errors in the book.  I wish with all of the proofreading and editing someone would have pointed out the errors before the final print.  I’m sure they did find many spelling and grammatical errors that were corrected, but there are several left behind.  It is disappointing when I purchase a book and run across errors like this.  The author, editors, and proofreaders put in too much time writing, and rewriting, reading and re-reading, proofing and re-proofing trying to correct everything, so it is disappointing when reader  find errors in the printed copy.

Hope is young, she has a beautiful talent, and she is counting on others to help her along the way with this endeavor.  Someone let her down on this one part of the journey.
While reading this book I was set back many times by the misuse of the word “bring”.  Please, if you are proofreading, help the author by pointing out these type of errors.
The author is in the story, the point of reference may be different in her mind.
Rule of thumb  — bring is coming to the place where you are  —- taking is going away from the place where you are.  So when you are getting linen to the queen you are taking it to her, not bringing it to her.  That example along with several other bring/take errors should have been corrected before going to copy with this book.

It does not take away from the beautiful story, the story is the same.  It does however leave the buyer feeling a little cheated for purchasing a less than perfect product.
Proofreaders, editors and publishers need to be about perfection because they are selling a product.

Enjoy a good book today 🙂

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