2013 Christmas Puzzle

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This year’s puzzle, a nice little Thomas Kincaid picture.  This is one that we will have to frame.   2013 puzzle







Several years ago we bought a puzzle to work on during Christmas, little did we know that we were starting a new family tradition.

It has been our tradition now for several years to work on a puzzle from Thanksgiving weekend through Christmas or the end of the year.
We always call it our Christmas puzzle, but we are not always finished with it by Christmas.  So far we have finished each one by the end of the year though.
This year we finished on December 29th.

As the kids have gotten older they don’t have as much interest in the puzzles, however it is a relaxing way to spend time together even while watching a Christmas movie and when guest come over they always like to find a few pieces.  Not to mention that working on a puzzle can also be very relaxing.

We have framed of few of the puzzles through the years, but most of them live under our sofa catching dust while stacked on their own sheet of poster board.

While moving furniture around last summer I was tempted to throw away the puzzles that have been stashed under the sofa but, oh no, the kiddos wouldn’t hear of it.  They have a lot of memories tied up in those puzzles.  Awww, now that conjures up some warm fuzzies here, so back under the sofa they went.

The sad thing is we didn’t put a date on a lot of those puzzles so we don’t really know which year to match with several of the puzzles.  Oh well, it’s okay.  We still had fun doing the puzzles and we continue to do them at least once a year.

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